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“The major quality differences I have noticed since I’ve been buying CoRE labs equipment is that they use powder-coat finishing on all external features.  This powder-coating has fantastic durability.  The rooms I installed 5 years ago look like the same as the day installed them.   Additionally, the vacuum hosing CoRE labs uses has fiberglass reinforcement.  This reinforcement prevents tearing during assembly and use.  Other systems I have installed without this fiberglass reinforcement tear easily and this is an expensive fix (expensive to the dealer when it happens during the warranty period - which it does -- and expensive to my customers after the warranty period.  I will not buy a system without this reinforced tubing).  Lastly, the pushbuttons on the user interface and inside all the lock handles are sealed, industrial grade switches which I’m told have 500,000+ cycle life.   The CoRE labs systems that I have installed have never had a single switch failure -- all other brands of equipment the switches fail constantly and I’m always dealing with upset customers and unnecessary service calls...   I’ve been in the x-ray sales and service industry for 18 years and I will not buy anything except CoRE labs systems.  The price is right and the quality is absolutely second to none.  I believe all my install customer sites would agree with me”.  Jim Stevenson

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“I have been selling radiographic systems for 10+ years.  My employer, is under contract to have me sell a competitors equipment.  I flatly refuse.  I have sold competitors equipment with nothing but problems.  Of this other equipment, there is not a single site that I can use as a reference site.  I even have been threatened by my customers that they would sue us if we did not make the situation right.  We did our best but there is only so much you can do with equipment that is plagued with design problems and cost cutting components. This is not the case with CoRE labs.  CoRE labs is in a different league of quality. I now only sell CoRE labs systems, without problems, without callbacks and without the stress of “oh god, what kind of system did I sell to my customer”.  CoRE labs equipment is mistake proof.  I run the risk when I sell CoRE labs of violating my companies contract but I simply don’t care.  I must sell what is right for the customer.  Eventually my employer will understand”.   Unnamed

“I’ve found that CoRE labs systems are cost competitive.  Their floor mount systems are about 3% more than the competition but the quality of this Floor Mount System is miles above anything else out there.  They are worth 50% more! It installs faster than anything I’ve tried before.  Most other systems are copies of the old Raytheon design (which was mechanically good but an electronic nightmare).  CoRE labs systems has the absolute finest mechanical systems.  They were not copied from other designs but rather thoughtfully designed by engineers and technicians with years of X-Ray experience.   You won’t believe the quality when you buy your first system.  As a dealer, one thing that speeds me along in installation, there is only one single communication cable between the user handle and the system board - not the dozens of different wires and connectors as found in other systems.  My job is to sell my customers good equipment, that I can rest my laurels on, get the job installed quickly, and move onto the next job, without service calls - I get this with CoRE labs systems.  As for the halo OTS, the atlas Elevating Table and flora Wall Stand, the quality, ease of use and ease (speed) of installation is second to none.  Myself and my installation partner can hang, calibrate and align a halo OTS in less than 3 hours”.  T.H.

Testimonial Submissions:  

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“I was new to CoRE labs and was installing a floor mount room in an urgent fashion for this new clinic that had an open house on the coming Monday.  I had to work weekend crazy hours to get this install done.  CoRE labs had an after hours technical support telephone number that, to my surprise, one of the owners answered, and helped me speed this install along.   I must have called him 20 times and he helped me every single time. My install got done on time and everyone was happy.  I’m sold on CoRE labs”.  Joe W. McHoosion

“My employer had me triple booked with service calls and somehow I was supposed to finish a new room install with CoRE labs equipment.  A CoRE labs representative knew of my over-scheduled situation and he helped me with the install for 3 days and we got it finished.  I can’t express my thanks enough”.  Unnamed

“The right price, the right quality.  Happy customers!  I wish it would break down more so I could make billable service calls - not really but that is the reality! Extremely reliable.  One service call that I did have was when a table did not elevate properly.  The cause was damage by rodent infestation.  CoRE labs, being local, sent a representative to help me get the system flushed of the invaders and fixed, just in time for the Friday evening rush at this ER clinic” - try getting that kind of service from somewhere else”.  J.C.C.

“We are a small company that mainly does service.  We only sell a new system about once every three years.  Although we are very skilled at what we do, keeping pace with technology and being able to order a system without forgetting something is a challenge for us.  CoRE labs works with us so very closely during our order process that they ensure that we are getting exactly what we (and our customers) need.  Come time of installation, we are never short anything and our install goes smooth and the room gets up-and-running quickly. This makes life easy for us and makes our customers very happy.  CoRE labs is the reason we are successful in the new systems arena.  Lastly, when we work with CoRE labs during the quote process, we feel this is very custom and personalized.  We are not just choosing a “catalog  system “, but rather CoRE labs helps us put together the most ideal system for our particular customer - never undersold or oversold, just right.  Unnamed